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I found Marja when my yoga practice had waned and it was her yin classes which rekindled our relationship. I have experienced Marja's expertise in a retreat setting and attended many masterclasses. Each experience has nourished and helped propel me on my personal path and further developed my practice. Marja's reiki sessions were another modality which moved stagnant and blocked energy in my body, creating positive shifts in my life. Marja is an awesome human, just bursting with positivity and light. 

Suyin Cavanagh

BDM Paramount Recreation Club and Golden Age Cinema & Bar

Joining Marja's Reiki workshop was a best-ever experience for me. It was an inspiring experience with many wonderful moments through-out the whole weekend. I felt instantly comfortable, had fun with the group plus learnt about both Reiki and myself! Marja is a hugely talented person with an amazing ability to connect, be open and express Reiki in a way that immediately resonates with everyone. Reiki with Marja is something everyone should do!! 

Andrew Scarborough

Creativity, Ideation and Design

I met Marja almost two years ago at Dharma Sharma and it was here I tried yin for the first time. It was during this new yoga experience I was just amazed at the effects yin had on my mind and body and I knew straight away I connected to Marja’s teaching and magical Reiki touch! I have also had some amazing experiences through Marja’s Hatha yoga classes at the Living Room Yoga Studio overlooking the gorgeous Coogee beach.


Recently I was very lucky to have experienced one of Marja’s weekend away yoga retreats and I am so grateful for the shared experiences I had here through Marja’s meditation practice, yoga nidra and reiki healing sessions. I feel blessed to have met Majra, she has been inspiring, patient and incredibly generous with what she has taught me through her unique yoga practice. 

Amy Cowan

Registered Nurse

I have had the utmost delight of attending Marja's yoga retreat in February this year. I had never met Marja before the retreat but had heard about the retreat through a friend and managed to get the last spot! I had never been on a yoga retreat on my own before but I met some amazing people who I now count as friends. The whole vibe of the weekend was without sounding too "out-there" pretty magical.  I felt a whole range of emotions and left feeling like I had more confidence than when I arrived - I also laughed a lot and loved the yoga, sound therapy and movie night.  The venue with swimming pool was beautiful and the food was insanely good and catered to my vegan needs! I only wish I could go every month.  At the end of the retreat we got a beautiful candle which I love and everytime I light it smell takes me back! I have since attended Marja's Sunday evening Yin yoga classes at Dharma shala which set me up for the week ahead - Marja is one special lady.

Laura Brooks

Executive Assistant

It has been such a delightful experience, to do the Reiki 1 course with Marja. She is not only a great and passionate teacher but also such a beautiful Soul to connect with. I felt like we have known each other for ages. She brings lots of passion into her teachings that are filled with lots of knowledge, connection, love, patience and understanding for every single person in the room. You can see how much she loves what she does and how much she trusts it. It was such a pleasure to meet her and I hope to do more work together

Hannah Kiczaty

Stundent Services Officer

I was so fortunate to be taught the foundation of Reiki Level 1 in an intimate class setting at Marja’s own beautiful home. Marja is an experienced talented gifted generous teacher sharing her compassion and sound knowledge of Reiki. As her teaching method is hands on it makes the learning process fun easy to understand in a tranquil and relaxing environment. I feel so fortunate to have learnt the basic principles of Reiki in-order to assist and support in healing others and myself. A very powerful tool to have. Can’t wait for the opportunity to do Reiki level 2 with Marja . Excited!!

Gina Byrnes

Meditation Teacher

Marja is an incredible yoga teacher and Reiki healer! Her yoga classes are creative, fun and balanced and always leave me feeling strong and nourished. Her Reiki sessions are amazing!! My first session with Marja was incredible- her knowlege and passion for Reiki shows in her work. After our session I felt energy running through me and a happy warm glow of calm growing from the inside out. Marja combines Reiki in her Yin classes and it is mind blowing, there's no teacher like her!

Cherry Pearce

Yoga Teacher / Actor

Marja’s healing retreat was everything I wanted it to be and more. Her energy and vibe is genuinely full of love and a deep appreciation for healing as a process that takes time by creating space. The retreat was healing emotionally and physically and I felt revitalised for weeks afterwards. I engaged in yoga, reiki, sound healing and massage at Marja’s retreat- everything was blissful and worked together to create a truly holistic healing experience by the weekend’s end. Will defs book again..and all my friends want in. Thank you beauty.

Jaime Akins


It was such a beautiful weekend away during Marja's yoga and meditation retreat, Marja has such bright and vibrant energy that makes you smile when you walk through the door and there was a warm and peaceful vibe at the stunning location as we were surrounded by bushland. During the retreat, I went through a big energetic shift, and I really felt supported by Marja and her amazing team during this time of healing. I felt completely revitalised and rejuvenated after the retreat and cannot wait for the next one!! 

Melissa Carey

Artist / Teacher

Marja is an incredible yin yoga teacher who throws Reiki into the mix. 

She creates a beautiful space for her students to fully let go and surrender. Her light touch 'assists' are extremely nurturing and bring one into an even more relaxed state. Marja takes her students on a journey where she gives them the space and freedom to explore their mind-body-soul connection. I always feel calm, grounded and whole after her yin classes and can highly recommend her to anyone who needs some love and care.

Olga Ivanova

Project Manager

I have done my level 1 and level 2 Reiki with Marja. From the first moment I walked in I knew that I was in safe and confident hands. Marja creates a welcoming space, where you feel free to ask questions and be yourself. I felt nervous when I first arrived for my level 1 training, thinking who am I to be doing this training I have no idea what I am doing. Marja instilled confidence in me and allowed me to start my own journey into Reiki, knowing that she is available as a support person along the way. Marja radiates love, light and warmth in all that she does. 

Emma Hayes

Yoga Teacher & Therapist / Reiki Practitioner

My favourite yoga class of the week is Marja’s yin class. It's deep, its calming and she leaves a confident space of silence to allow me to dive within. Love it!

Tom Cronin

Founder of The Stillness Project

I first discovered Marja when I moved to the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and attended her classes at the living room yoga studio in Coogee. It was a couple of years later, that I stumbled across Marja again through social media and discovered she was offering reiki teachings. As a yoga teacher also, I wanted to offer my students extra support through class and Reiki had been calling me for some time. I knew in my heart that Marja would be my teacher. She is such a warm, nurturing soul who I’d felt like I’d known for ever. She is extremely passionate in sharing her love for Reiki and it shows in the detailed and in-depth training. 

Shell Whitbread

Yoga Teacher

I have been attending Marja’s yoga classes for a while now and every time its like a new journey or experience, she is so nurturing and holds such a beautiful space to really relax into your body. If I had to describe her classes in two words: “blissful relaxation”. The classes led me to her retreat and I’m so glad it did, she is so inspiring and the whole weekend was like a gift to myself of nourishment and love all created my Marja. I also have purchased a few her candles as they smell divine and last for ages, they are as beautiful as she is and make the perfect special gift to someone or to self. Can’t recommend more.

Catherine Cairns

Account Manager / Yoga Teacher / Skin Therapist

I have just completed Marja's Reiki Level 1 course and I absolutely loved it! She really makes everyone feel so welcome and part of something special. I learnt and experienced so much on this course and have already signed up for Level 2! 

Bernie Patton

Business Analyst

Marja is an authentic, delightful very special Soul so be around and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my Reiki training with her. She contagiously speaks from the heart and her many years of experience shine through in everything she does.

Dini Martinez

Yoga Teacher, Doula, Ayurvedic Consultant

I learnt Reiki 1 with Marja and couldn't recommend it more to anyone!! She was warm and loving and made me feel confident in my ability. Marja made Reiki something I knew I could integrate in my life straight away without any fuss.

Rachel Crether

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