Reiki is a subtle yet powerful healing tool received through a sacred initiation process where our channels are re-aligned and purified. These attunement's clear and reboot our energetic pathways so we can learn to live life from a higher vibration.


"Rather than absorbing other peoples energy we begin to emit our own frequency.” 

I have been initiated into the Gendai Reiki-Ho Level 4 Mastership (highest level), therefore i am an advanced REIKI MASTER TEACHER and am qualified to educate others in this subtle yet powerful healing modality. 

Level 1 : SHO-DEN 

Level 2 : OKU-DEN 

Level 3 : SHINPI-DEN 


I run one on one trainings at my home space in Queens Park & also hold group trainings throughout the year. 


If you are interested in embarking on your own unique healing journey by receiving your attunements and initiation into Reiki, please get in touch to receive full details on pricing, course outline etc.



I hold private Reiki healing sessions from my home space in Queens Park. Please get in touch for more info or to book.